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mission statement

  • We do not try to be all things to all people.
  • We do not take on new work unless it is something we already do every day. 
  • We take ownership of the task and, if requested, offer an entrepreneurial approach for the client.
  • We rely on high quality work and word of mouth for our continued success.
  • We take our client’s calls ourselves to provide prompt, personal attention.
  • We generally avoid making referrals or suggesting business associations unless there is a track record that the confidence and trust placed in us by our client will be honored.
  • We do not depend upon heavy secretarial, accounting and administrative functions which, taken together with office space, typically account for 40% - 50% of legal fees.  In view of current dictation, administrative and billing software, we believe traditional departments for these functions are somewhat antiquated and unnecessary.
  • We do not bill in a vacuum.  We understand that unexpected fees may throw off an otherwise successful business outcome.  We keep our clients informed from the outset and, if requested, consider success fee arrangements where success may be defined.  This permits our clients to budget in advance for our services.
  • We use internal billing policies for accurate and fair billing for our time.  We insist upon efficiency and a strong work ethic.

JH&C, a Professional Limited Liability Company since 2004